Purlin A horizontal structural member which supports roof covering and is in the shape of a Zee. Purlin
Gauge: 16,14,13,12
Depth 6", 8", 10", & 12"
Finish: Red Oxide Primer & pre-galvanized.
Lengths Determined by design.
Usage Secondary member to support roof panels.
Usage: Low rise construction.
Limitations: Designed to meet specific load criteria.


6" 16,14, 12
8" 16,14,13,12
10" 14,13,12
12" 14,13,12


Purlin ½" variance in flange width & 50 degree angled stiffener lip. Allows easy placement of purlins and easy installation and greater stability.
Nominal purlin spacing of 5'. Economical design.
50+ combinations of size, gauge, spacing and lap length. Optimum design.
Continuous purlin lap lengths of 7 ½", 1' 2 ¾", 2' 5 ¾", 3' 8 ¾" . Economical pricing.
Pre-painted, factory baked red oxide finish. Smooth, attractive appearance, improved adherence & durability. Therefore, no paint sticking problems.
Purlin clips welded to frame. Rest point during installation, quicker installation, reduces purlin roll under heavy loading & increases stiffness.
Optional gray or pre-galvanized finish. Meets specifications, greater resistance to some corrosive atmospheres.
Tabbed sag angles are used with standing seam options/systems. Reduces purlin roll, increases stiffness, ease of installation, greater stability, and increased load capacity.
Easy purlin identification. Ease of installation.
Members of LGSI. Meets specifications.
With a wider width and higher gauge zee-purlin, we can go to longer bays, up to 40'. Longer bay buildings can be furnished with the advantages of a coldformed zee-purlin.